GROUP is a collective sound work that starts on individual mobile devices and ends with participants coming together for a large-scale gathering at a designated location.  Anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch can download the GROUP app from the Apple App Store and be a part of this experience.  The piece begins with a dense drone that sheds layers throughout the day and then transforms into a monumental sound as hundreds of participants come together with their sounding devices to activate the meeting area. Group is a collaborative project between Aaron Siegel and Larry Legend.

A new version of the application needs to be created for each individual event, so if you are interested in staging a performance of GROUP please contact either Aaron or Larry.

The first performance of GROUP took place on June 21, 2011 at the designated meeting place of Wall Street and Broad Street in downtown Manhattan, right in front of the New York Stock Exchange.

Here are some photos of that performance:



GROUP: 6-21-11 Performance from Aaron Siegel on Vimeo.



Aaron Siegel is a composer and percussionist who makes experimental work that raises questions about the relationship between performers, audience members and the space they occupy together. His work ranges from acoustic chamber music to improvised ensembles and collaborative theater pieces.  In  Spring 2011, Aaron will celebrate the release of Science is Only a Sometimes Friend ( LockStep Records), which was premiered in Central Park, with public participants, as part of Make Music New York 2009.  He is also developing Brother Brother, a new opera based on the relationship between Orville and Wilbur Wright. For more information, visit

Larry Legend is a software developer, musician, and engineer who strives to make technology indistinguishable from magic. Larry is the founder of House of Legend, an iPhone and iPad app development company based in Brooklyn, NY.  Larry graduated from the Berklee College of Music and engineered over two dozen commercial recordings, for clients as diverse as Xzibit, GZA, DJ Logic, Ron Carter, and Spin Magazine, before getting back in touch with his computer nerd roots. For more information, visit

The June 21, 2011 performance of GROUP is supported by: